Tuesday, March 4, 2014

10 Amazing Uses for Extra Virgin Coconut OIl

1. Natural Food Sweetener and Energy Booster
Mix extra virgin coconut oil with your smoothies, juices, food, even with coffee and tea as a healthy, natural sweetener and energy booster. Extra virgin coconut oil helps detoxify your body and keeps you fit and slim.

2. Face Wash and Makeup Remover
Rub on face to remove makeup without drying up your face. If you’re into the oil cleansing method, extra virgin coconut oil is great for cleaning. Rub a bit all over your face. Wipe away with a hot washcloth. 

3. Ultimate Hair Product
Work a small amount into your hair to tame it and produces well-defined waves and curls without greasiness. Do an overnight deep-condition.

4. Luscious Massage Oil 
There’s no need to invest in expensive massage oil when extra virgin coconut oil does just as good a job.

5. Spot and Stain Remover
Rub a piece of extra virgin coconut oil into a spot on upholstery or a carpet, and it will loosen the stain or item. You can mix with baking soda to make an effective stain remover. (This same baking soda-coconut oil mixture makes a good whitening toothpaste.)

6. For Babies, Pregnant Mothers and New Mothers
Apply it to your baby’s bottom for moisturizing and treatment. If you’re nursing, use to treat sore nipples. Drink 1tbs during pregnancy to help increase mother’s milk and provide energy boost during labour. Slather around tummy and thighs to prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy. Although its normally safe to start drinking from the second trisemester of your pregnancy, please consult your doctor before drinking.

7. Natural Shaving Cream
Apply extra virgin coconut oil on skin before shaving for a clean, smooth and soft finish.

8. Oil Pulling
Good for oral health. Swish some extra virgin coconut oil around your mouth for 15 minutes in the morning to 'pull' bacteria out of your mouth. Spit and rinse with water.

9. Medicinal Uses
Extra virgin coconut oil helps control diabetes and heart problems. It also helps yeast infections, vaginal dryness, ear infections, cold sores, nosebleeds, rashes, and bug bites.

10. For Healthy Pets
Mix some extra virgin coconut oil to your pet's food or just give them a spoonful and let them lick it off. Not only will they love it, it will help boost their immune system and help any digestion problems.

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